Congratulations to Industrial Neon’s Don Jones, who set a world land speed taking his vintage 1934 roadster to 219 mph at the Bonneville Salt Flats in July. Jones’ company has been building replica, vintage neon dealer signs for the Heritage Center since 2006. Don’s roadster (D-gas) was powered by a Chevrolet small block engine.

Don’s son Mark L. Jones, also set a new world land speed record in a “C-gas”, rear engine modified roadster. Mark smashed the existing world record by nearly 10mph at a speed of 256.590 mph, also with a Chevrolet small block engine.

Don and Mark were also the first father and son duo to set world land speed records on the same day. They now are members of the very exclusive 200 MPH Club at Bonneville that recognizes achievement in land speed racing.

Photographs courtesy of Ralph Komives.