Introducing the 2nd in the GM Heritage Center Designer Series of Vintage Dealer Signs, the "Chevrolet Bowtie Starburst". Created in celebration of the 100th Anniversary of Chevrolet, the design is based on one of the key elements of a 1920's Chevrolet dealership sign called the "Spectacular". Prior to the introduction of neon in the 1930's, dealer signs often used an array of flashing colored light bulbs to highlight the graphics. The Chevrolet Bowtie Starburst sign captures that special look and feel. Working with one of the very few surviving Chevrolet Spectacular signs in a private collection, the GM Heritage Center designed the "Chevrolet Bowtie Starburst" to offer enthusiasts a truly unique sign replica to add to their collection in conjunction with the Chevrolet Centennial.

Click Here to see the Chevrolet Starburst Dealer Sign lit up in action!

Measuring 42" tall x 60" wide and approximately 6" deep, the Starburst Sign weighs 75 lbs. It is designed to be hung on an inside wall. This handsome sign features 22 green, 110 watt colored light bulbs in a circle around a unique Chevrolet Bowtie layered design and 36 white and orange bulbs that flash on and off in a starburst pattern reminisce of the "great white way" look of the 1920's. This is a limited edition of 25 signs. Each custom built sign comes with a personal, serial numbered engraved brass tag attached to the sign as well as personalize packet of information for the GM Heritage Center providing additional information about the sign and the Vintage Dealer Sign Program. Please allow 8-10 weeks for your custom sign to be produced.

Your sign will be packed in a custom built shipping container. The container has been designed and constructed to the same standards used in the shipment of highly sensitive scientific and computer equipment. The sign is securely suspended inside the container and the neon tubing and bulbs are protected with additional packing. The container is equipped with monitoring sensors to record any events that occur during its transit to our customers and features a unique testing feature that allows you to check the sign without uncrating it.

Your GM Heritage Center Dealer Sign will be shipped F.O.B from Industrial Neon Sign Company in Houston, TX. We will contact you when the sign is ready to make the necessary arrangements to insure that your sign arrives safely. Signs are shipped via Fed Ex 2 day service.

All GM Heritage Collection Vintage Dealer Signs come with a one year warranty on materials and workmanship (With the exception of neon tubing or bulbs) from the delivery date of the sign. There is also a Help Desk available to assist customers with any concerns or problems with their signs including non-warranty repair, neon tubing templates and suggestions for qualified neon repair technicians their area.