Chevrolet Billboard Replica 14 gauge steel metal sign. This outdoor billboard poster replica is from 1932, and features the slogan "Chevrolet - now selling at reduced prices $445"

Measuring 12" x 24" or 18" x 35", this metal sign is custom printed on a tough and durable metal substrate which has a high resolution detail and full color characteristics. Printed on 14 gauge steel and weighs 10 lbs! This is not a light-weight tin sign.

Rustproof and can used in outdoor harsh environments. You can mount this sign on a wall without any need for framing. Sturdy enough to stand independently, lean against a wall, use as a small table top or hang freely from the ceiling or an outside eave. This sign comes with 4 pre-drilled holes for easy mounting on your office, garage or shop wall.

You will be amazed at the brilliant and vibrant color and quality of this sign!. Order yours today. Made in the USA!

Available to shipping locations in the USA & Canada only.

This item ships separately from Illinois.