The GM Heritage Museum is proud to announce the first authorized vintage neon sign collection series. These collections of reduced scale reproductions of GM dealership signs showcase GM's rich brand history and carry on the tradition of their early illuminated sign legacy.

This is the first time GM has chosen to reproduce any of its original sign age for automotive enthusiasts. These limited edition signs are hand built by skilled craftsmen utilizing only the highest grade commercial materials and components available.

Each custom built sign comes with a personal, serial numbered engraved brass tag attached to the sign. Please allow 8-10 weeks for your custom sign to be produced - call for availability. Limited production of 35 units.

Warranty Information

The GM Heritage Collection Dealer Signs come with a one year warranty on materials and workmanship (with the exception of neon tubing) from the delivery date of the sign. There is also a Help Desk available to assist customers with any concerns or problems with their signs including non-warranty repair, neon tubing templates and suggestions for qualified neon repair technicians their area.

Shipping Information

Each sign will be packed in a custom built shipping container. The container has been designed and constructed to the same standards used in the shipment of highly sensitive scientific and computer equipment. The sign is securely suspended inside the container and the neon tubing is protected with additional packing. The container is equipped with monitoring sensors to record any events that occur during its transit to our customers.

Your GM Heritage Center Dealer Sign will be shipped F.O.B from Industrial Neon Sign Company in Houston, TX. We will contact you when the sign is ready to make the necessary arrangements to insure that your sign arrives safely.

There is a $450.00 shipping charge on this item. Exempt from all discounts.